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What it’s like living on West Avenue, Miami Beach

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Miami Beach is the epitome of what Florida is known for: sun, sand, and surf. A barrier island wedged between the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach has a reputation for drawing the more affluent set to have a slice of sunny heaven here. And where luxurious real estate is concerned, there’s none more upscale than an address along Miami Beach’s West Avenue.

Located in the South Beach community of Miami Beach, West Avenue is one of the city’s main arteries that’s famous for its array of diverse restaurants, markets, and shops, as well as its amazing selection of modern, upscale condos and luxury townhouses. It runs parallel to the famous Ocean Drive which runs on the side of the island facing the Atlantic. Most of West Avenue provides spectacular views of Biscayne Bay, the smaller islands dotting it, and the mainland skyline.

Here’s what you’ll love about living on West Avenue:

The food

There’s no way you’ll go hungry when on West Avenue, given the street’s wide selection of restaurants and dining spaces.

One particular highlight is 100 X 35 Cocina Con Raíces, a beloved local restaurant that serves delectable Puerto Rican fare, including authentic churrascos and mofongos! For more adventurous palates, head over to Stubborn Seed, where contemporary favorites are served with flair, thanks to the culinary genius of award-winning chef, Jeremy Ford.

The shops

West Avenue is a mecca for shopaholics as the area is lined with a variety of retail establishments catering to fine tastes.

A must-visit is Consign of the Times, a local premium consignment store that sells authentic luxury handbags, shoes, and other high-end accessories. Beach Boutique is another local favorite where you’ll find a well-curated selection of locally-made designer clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

The community developments

Flooding in Miami-Dade County due to the continuing sea rise is being addressed by its local officials. A budget of $4.6 billion has been allotted for an ambitious project to keep the waters at bay.

As for the pollution of Biscayne Bay, researchers from Florida International University are taking steps to study and find a solution to this environmental issue. Coastline residents are helping out through initiatives like curbing the amount of fertilizer entering the bay and the assignment of a chief bay officer from Miami-Dade County to oversee rehabilitation efforts.

The real estate

On West Avenue, a promising development is the luxurious condominium project designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Jean Nouvel – Monad Terrace.

Nouvel’s creation veers away from the Art Deco style that most Miami Beach structures are known for and instead, employs a honeycomb-like design in its two glass towers with a reflecting pool in the middle to emphasize the structure’s oneness with nature. It has 59 residential units, each with its own scenic views of Biscayne Bay and beyond. The genius of the design is that despite the glass walls, “You never see the neighbors,” says Nouvel. This ensures unparalleled privacy and exclusivity.

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